Spacewallet is a modern cryptocurrency wallet

Create your own Spacewallet today on the Spacelens platform.

Simple to use. Yet powerful.

The Spacewallet opens a world of possibilities to anyone who wants to participate to the decentralization of eCommerce.

The Spacewallet leverages the blockchain technology and the most common blockchains to allow you to hold, store, and exchange different cryptocurrencies.

You can easily import your existing wallet or create a new Spacewallet directly from the Spacelens app.

Join a platform that brings unique features and a modern approach of what should be the crypto wallet that you use everyday.

The crypto and token wallet for Decentralized eCommerce

You own your keys and your tokens on Spacelens wallet.

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Ethereum based

Spacewallet cardano wallet lite coin wallet iota wallet near wallet chia wallet

Manage your crypto assets and participate to the decentralized economy

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Leverage unique features such as buying and selling products, creating NFTs, publishing videos, chatting with others, and showcasing stories.

Your Spacewallet a unique tool to actively participate to the blockchain economy.

Decentralized eCommerce spacewallet crytpcurrencies wallet

Decentralized eCommerce

Get more from a cryptocurrency wallet with Spacewallet

  • Store, send and receive cryptocurrencies
  • Control your private keys
  • Manage collectibles and other NFTs
  • Participate to a decentralized commerce marketplace
  • Track and analyze different market data
  • Monitor the evolution of your blockchain assets
  • Connect to Web 3 apps
  • Exchange goods and services
  • Create listings
  • Create and customize your own store
  • Place content on a map and localize your offering

Spacelens Wallet crypto bitcoin Ethereum cardano lite coin iota

Advanced cryptocurrencies wallet to access the blockchain

Today most blockchain wallet will facilitate the storage, sending, and receiving of crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Iota, BNB, Litecoin, Dogecoin or other currencies.

But a crypto wallet should not only limited to the management of crypto assets.

Spacewallet allows for many more functionalities. Now you can have a coin wallet that offers the ability to navigate on Web 3 apps and websites, create and share content, participate in video stories, and access a decentralized ecommerce platform with all the new capabilities that this entails.

The Spacewallet allows you to easily find the information you need to better manage your tokens while allowing you to act on what’s happening in the markets.

Get a better blockchain experience for yourself.

All ERC-20 Ethereum based tokens can be stored on the Spacelens wallet

Spacewallet Bitcoin Wallet Ethereum ERC 20 Wallet

The bridge between a blockchain wallet and daily life use now exists

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Spacewallet goes a step further by integrating real life functionalities such as exchanging goods that you can directly use in your crypto wallet.

Watch a quick intro video.

A modern touch to NFTs.

Discover Spacelens

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Trade and exchange goods and services on a decentralized marketplace.

Download on your smartphone today.


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