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About Spacewallet

Spacewallet is a modern and advanced cryptocurrency wallet. We believe that a blockchain wallet has to provide innovative functionalities that go way beyond sending and receiving cryptos.

Thanks to the blockchain technologies, a digital wallet can become a hub for a number of features that are useful when used and combined together. We have developed the Spacewallet as part of the Spacelens platform to unlock access to a large number of possibilities.

A cryptocurrency wallet today should offer a large amount of coins and token as well as the capacity to interact on the blockchain in modern ways.

The Spacewallet leverages the power of the Spacelens platform to provide users around the world a much needed privacy. You own your keys to your wallet and are the owner of all your decentralized transactions.

Our vision is to decentralize commerce and the exchange of goods, services and digital items in a way that is simple and useful to all our users.

We believe that decentralized systems provide advanced benefits that can not be achieved through centralized systems. You can download our Spacelens app on your phone today.