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ERC-20 Tokens

The Spacewallet also allows to store any ERC-20 token which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Today, there are several thousands of tokens that are created through smart contracts on Ethereum.

Having the possibility to manage, send, and receive all these ERC-20 tokens is important so you can have access to more tokens and functionalities on the go.

The best blockchain wallets provide different layers to allow to do more in one single environment. It’s important to always understand how many different blockchains are available on a wallet and if it offers the ability to store ERC-20 tokens.

The Spacewallet will also show you all your Ethereum ERC-20 tokens automatically without the need for you to add them manually. It often happens that users have very different types of tokens in their wallet and some applications will not show you those by default. You need to add them manually. In the case of the Spacelens, you simply need to share your Ethereum address with anyone for you to receive and display ERC-20 tokens.

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You can find among the most traded ERC-20 standard on Ethereum tokens such as UNI, LINK, Zilliqua, USDC, USDT, BAT, MKR, BAT, or WBTC.

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